Effective on 1st June 2015, it is mandatory to all workers and contractors that involved in construction need to register with CIDB as Construction Personnel by having a CIDB green card . If you already have a green card but it has expired, you need to renew your CIDB card if an accident occur at the construction site while working, you are eligible to receive coverage under the CIDB Group Construction Personnel Takaful Plan. Here’s a few step on how to renew green card cidb for local and foreigner worker with renewcidb.com.

green card cidb

How To Apply CIDB Green Card Foreigner

Step 1: Link to RenewCIDB to Apply.

Go to RenewCIDB website and then click the “Kad Personel Binaan CIDB” button to apply your CIDB.














Step 2 : Choose the type of application.

You will be redirect to this page to new application. If you are local worker, click the Pendaftaran Kad Hijau CIDB (Pekerja Tempatan) button or if you are foreign worker you may click the Pendaftaran Kad Hijau CIDB (Pekerja Asing) button.

green card cidb

Step 3: Fill in the form to Apply.

Next, you need to fill in the details of CIDB card holder, company details and the beneficiary also attach passport & permit active. Please be make sure that all the details are correct before proceed to the payment.



















Step 4: Made payment using online banking.

How To Apply CIDB Foreigner

Step 5: Received temporary pass.

After payment was made, you will received transaction receipt through email. The temporary pass will be emailed to you within 48 working hours depends in system and the CIDB card will be posted to your address in 14-21 of working days depends from cidb hq.

Temporary Pass RenewCIDB


Just with 5 steps you now can apply your green card CIDB foreigner (kad hijau). Don’t forget to click renewCIDB.com and fill in the application form to renew your green card. Our renewCIDB team will process your application within 24 hours.

For more info , just contact us 0189040059 or email bantuan.renewcidb@gmail.com


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